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Robert Mylott is a former Law Enforcement Officer, having previously served with the Delray Police Department, then as a corrections officer with the New York City Department of Corrections and finally with the Suffolk County Police Department. He has been a polygraph examiner since 1981, having collectively conducted over 5,000 polygraph examinations in the private sector and with law enforcement. He is a member both the American Polygraph Association and the America Association of Police Polygraphist. Mr. Mylott specializes in Sex Offender Testing and Monitoring. He helped institute a pilot sexual offender polygraph program with The Connection, Inc. Special Services, Center for Treatment of Problem Sexual Behavior in Middletown, Connecticut for convicted sex offenders under a Federal CSOM grant. He also participated in research for the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute on the use of polygraphs in supervising parolees, probationers, convicted of sex offenses. Mr. Mylott brings an ability to objectively analyze our clients’ concerns and provide a tailored solution.

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