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One of the most important skills an investigator learns is the ability to gather information on individuals whose attempts are to undermine an employer, insurance company or significant other. Our investigators have the requisite experience to get the results to support your claim for a successful resolve. The County Wide Group’s surveillance team is made up of investigators with decades of experience in both public and private sector surveillance. Our team also keeps up with the latest surveillance technology and techniques that allow us to provide that superior result with efficiency. Our Surveillance services:

  • Corporate Surveillance – On behalf of our clients, we use surveillance to investigate employee misconduct, including worker’s compensation fraud, internal theft, corporate employer liability, corporate and competitive intelligence, and other business surveillance concerns.
  • Insurance Fraud – Given the rise in insurance fraud, insurance companies, SIU Departments, and third-party adjusters trust County Wide Group’s surveillance expertise in cases where fraud is suspected.
  • Sensitive Matters – County Wide Group effectively and confidentially handles sensitive surveillance matters such as child custody concerns, adultery/infidelity, stalking and personal safety matters.

These types of surveillance investigations are especially important since results are often linked to a party’s credibility in divorce proceedings, childcare arrangements and other personal safety matters.

For more information, please see our FAQS.

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