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We have been using the professionals at County Wide for over 20 years and highly recommend them to any business. From applicant screening to investigative services we are never disappointed. If you are looking for a company that gets results, County Wide is the one to use.

“The County Wide Group have been an invaluable resource for my family and me on both a professional and personal level for many years. They are the consummate professionals and are extremely thorough and discreet in their work. I trust them implicitly to protect and safeguard my business and personal affairs.”

The County Wide Group provides exceptional service with background information…always timely and accurate and their surveillance operations second to none, clear and concise reports, video & photography.


I have been using the County Wide Group as my Private Investigator for close to ten years. During that time, they have provided services that I needed for clients involved in civil litigation and criminal matters. County Wide always provides outstanding service that is competent, thorough and professional. Most important, they are always there when I need them. They invariably responds to my calls within minutes. I know I can always rely on the County Wide Group.

I have been in the practice of law for 30 years, and have come across extraordinarily unique, challenging and complex issues. I now know, that the first call to be made is to the County Wide, who are able to ascertain information, documentation and any other resource required to give me an immediate advantage to support my litigation position. Their experience and expertise is always relied upon and to date has never let me down. Once you work with the County Wide Group on a matter, it becomes very obvious what sets them apart from all of the other standard investigative agencies…..


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